February 2012 archive

Feb 21

The Socially Awkward Roundtable

The Star Trek universe has certainly had its fair share of oddball characters. These characters usually took the form of alien observers of human culture—be it Spock on TOS, Data and Worf on TNG, Odo and Quark on DS9, and Tuvok, Seven of Nine, and The Doctor on Voyager. They were sources of comic relief …

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Feb 13

Behind the scenes of Star Trek: Lambda Paz and “Revenge A Dish Best Served Cold”

For years, I had considered what had become of those who had survived the Dominion’s extermination of the Maquis. With the Dominion War on the horizon, the DS9 episode “Blaze of Glory” was understandably meant as a means of bringing an end to that story arc and never addressing it again on DS9. The aftermath …

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Feb 11

The common themes of science fiction: There may be hope for us yet…

In the universe of “Babylon 5”, Doctor Stephen Franklin practiced a religious philosophy known as “Foundationism“, which came up shortly after humanity made contact with alien life for the first time. Put simply, this philosophy seeks to “get back at the roots of all the Earth religions, past the doctrines to the core of each …

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Feb 08

Why Starbase G-6?

Starbase G-6 was referenced in the Star Trek: The Next Generation episode “Hide and Q” Prior to the beginning of the episode, the Enterprise-D dropped off Counselor Troi at Starbase G-6, and from there, she traveled home to Betazed. In my fan-fiction of Star Trek: Lambda Paz, the USS Lambda Paz and the Seventh Fleet …

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