June 2014 archive

Blog Like A Boss Prompt #1: What has Star Trek fandom — and ficcing specifically — meant to you?

What has Star Trek fandom meant to me? To answer that question, I’d have to go back to 1991 when I started watching Star Trek: The Next Generation on Saturday nights. That’s what first sparked my interest in the whole science fiction genre. In the interceding years, I have taken an interest in other sci-fi …

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First posting for Blog Like A Boss: From the Rodenberry-verse to the Abrams-verse

In preparation for the Star Trek franchise’s 50th anniversary, I hope to soon publish Abrams-verse adaptations of classic Original Series episodes, a project IDW Comics has also undertaken. The biggest challenge, I think, will that with different actors playing these long-time beloved characters, these actors have somewhat different interpretations of the characters. For example, Chris …

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Soaring to the Stars

(click on image to view entire animation) It’s not exactly a perfect animated montage, but it’s pretty decent considering GIF Soup froze on me while I was in the process of assembling each frame. It illustrates how humanity soared to the stars, first in rocket propelled space shuttles that could only send manned missions as …

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