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Jun 20

Who is the real life Buck Bokai?

As of the real life 2015, there are still no Major League Baseball teams other than in the United States and Canada. In fact, the closest thing to any international competition is the World Baseball Classic, a tournament played once every three or four years, and hasn’t really caught on with American audiences. Still, it …

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Jun 18

Does tolerance go both ways?

It absolutely does. That lesson has been imparted throughout the Star Trek universe in rather clever ways. More to the point, what one side in a conflict says about the other side should be taken with a grain of salt. One should take care to be skeptical of someone who claims to be a victim …

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Jun 17

A look back at Trek alum’s “Game of Thrones” character

Now that Season 5 of HBO’s Game of Thrones has concluded, I have to say I was a bit less that impressed with Star Trek: Deep Space Nine cast member Alexander Siddig’s role as Prince Doran Martell, not because of his acting, but because of the story centered around his character. Book readers knew of …

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Jun 16

Who Stole What From Whom?

This seems to be the most hot-button issues among the fan-bases of Star Trek and Babylon 5. The simplest answer is often that Deep Space 9 was on the air first, and therefore, the premise of Babylon 5 was pirated from the Trek spin-off. The writers of The Big Bang Theory seem to operate under …

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Mar 24

In memory of one of the fanon family

Actress Alberta Watson has passed away at the age of 60 after a long battle with cancer. She was best known for her role on 24 as CTU boss Erin Driscoll and Nikita as Senator Madeline Pierce. I had gradually started envisioning Watson in the role of Limis Vircona during a binge-watching of 24, as …

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Aug 01

Boldly Speculating: A Brief History of the Klingon Empire’s political structure

Even as their empire expanded to the stars, the Klingons have maintained a feudal social structure. Under such an arrangement, each of the Great Houses are represented on the Klingon High Council. Such a government structure is far from a representative democracy, as only the interests of the highest social class are represented. As a …

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Jul 11

Boldly Speculating: The evolution of Starfleet

While not a military organization, as Jean-Luc Picard suggested, Starfleet is still an organization steeped in present-day military traditions. That is obvious from the traditional military parlance, the uniforms, and the rank insignia. More on that later. A very sore subject, especially among those who don’t acknowledge Enterprise as part of the canon, is the …

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Jul 05

Brought to you by MirandaFave

The idea of a group of surviving members of the Maquis being part of the crew of a Starfleet vessel fighting in the Dominion War first came to mind after reading the novelization of Voyager’s series finale. This particular version “Endgame” featured those family reunions we didn’t get to see onscreen and cliffhanger ending leading …

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Jul 05

Blog Like A Boss Prompt #6: Writing a summary, how do you do it? And what about the story summaries of others draws you in?

I had to look back through the blurbs of most of my works that I have published to the AdAstra Archive over the last five years. They are mostly summaries I had composed to remind myself of what the story is about. In most of my stories, such as in Star Trek: Lambda Paz, I …

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Jul 03

Blog Like A Boss Prompt #4: What character do you love to write most? What about them makes them so compelling?

So many to choose from. I’ll include a full list in a later blog entry. But one of the complex characters I’ve enjoyed writing is the often socially challenged Doctor Aurellan Markalis (named for James Kirk’s sister-in-law, Aurelan, but once I had realized the misspelling, I well into writing Lambda Paz stories and the alternative …

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